We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of Australia, and pay respect to all Ancestors, Elders and families – past, present and emerging. We recognise the unique place held by First Nations Peoples as the original custodians across the continent with histories of continuous connection dating back to over 60,000 years.

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For Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour who have great ideas they want to turn into great startups. 

What is Activate?

Our mission is to close the gap within the Startup Ecosystem so that Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour can get to the starting line

We aim to do this through Activate, Anyone Can's Flagship Community Startup Program - Australia's first Community Startup Program 100% by and for Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour.

What can I expect?

  • 8 curated workshops delivered by expert facilitators with first-hand experience in the start-up ecosystem
  • A safe space 
  • Events, Networking, Slack community
  • The opportunity to win a pitch prize of  $10K in cash per cohort  and a 6-month membership to Sydney Knowledge Hub Desk Space  

Expressions of Interest are NOW OPEN for Anyone Can Cohort 3!

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As seen in:

Your Workshops

So you want to be a founder?

Mental Health 101

Execution: Mindset & Tools

How to build your community

How to Sell: Sales & Negotiation

Ideation: Know your Market

Let's get down to Business

 Presenting & Pitching Training

Do you come up with super clever business ideas that you know could make a positive change, whether in one person's life or the world? 

BUT you don't know what to do next? Plus you'd like to connect with a community of entrepreneurs that resonate with your and your cultural identity? 

Apply* for Anyone Can: Australia's first Community Startup Program 100% by and for Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour

*Eligibility Criteria: Participants must be currently based in Australia and identify as a Bla(c)k Women and WoC. This includes Australian Permanent Residents, Australian Citizens and all Visa holders.

Participants will be required to submit a $250 deposit to enter this program. The fee will be reimbursed to the participants at the end of this program

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The Anyone Can Community Start Up Program Applications for the May Cohort are Officially Closed!

Highlights from our Anyone Can Launch Event!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Anyone Can Launch Event in Melbourne on March 24th where we launched our report on the State of Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour in the Australian Startup Ecosystem and our Anyone Can Community Startup Program.

Hear from experts like:

Our workshops will be facilitated by kick-ass Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour founders who have either started or invested a business and have lived experience in the startup ecosystem. More details on our facilitators will be released soon.

Cindy Mitchell

Jeanette Cheah

Grace Mugabe

Sarah Tan

Marina Wu

Priyanka Ashraf

EOI open for Anyone Can Cohort 3!

Let's get you to the
starting line.

For a lot of Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour, the pipeline starts about 2 steps behind what we assume. How do we know this? Because we have been there! 

We also conducted a report on the State of Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour Founders in the Australian Startup Ecosystem with the ultimate goal of driving more funding to BIWOC start-up founders in Australia.

It's one step closer to closing the gap so that Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour can get to the starting line. Because everyone should.

And Anyone Can.

Purchase the report to help support and sustain our next report in 2 years time.


*Key terms: A start-up is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a startup. Startups can relate to developing technology or being technology-enabled but are not the only factors to define what is a startup. BIWOC stands for Black, Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) and Women of Colour (incl. Asian, LatinX, Middle Eastern), including trans, gender diverse and non-binary people self-identifying as women.We acknowledge that these terms and the acronym are contested and constantly evolving. We are including it here to understand how our communities relate to this term.

**Participants will require to submit an application and will be selected by the CCO prior to being accepted into the startup program


This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of
Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship program.

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Who are The Creative Co-Operative?

The Creative Co-Operative is the first 100% migrant Woman of Colour owned, led and operated social enterprise in Australia that is dedicated to challenging the economic and social access barriers experienced by (migrant) Women of Colour as a result of systemic racism. We are a startup delivering professional services and employing people and engaging third party suppliers who identify as BIWOC in performing our work. Revenue generated is re-distributed to support community projects or fundraisers to raise awareness of and/or address systemic racism.